In the Flow with The Elements;


Work by Carol Cannon for

The Eastham Public Library, Cape Cod

Summer, 2020

About The Five Elements:

When first studying Transformational Healing with Dr. Martin Hart, I was asked to remember a recent moving moment, and, without hesitating, I shared it was while standing on the east bank of the Hudson River, taken by the movement of the waves, the brisk wind, the brilliant light; and he replied, "Well, The Elements are probably important for you."  It instantly rang true because of my love of these qualities, these powers, these Mysteries.  Then, as I continued studying healing,  specifically in Resonance Repatterning, The Five Elements as in the Chinese system played a vital part of understanding the dynamics of balancing health.  Eventually, as I experimented with ink painting outside, it became ever so clear that The Elements are what move me, my heart, my hand, and now I invite them to run through me to give expression to Nature.      

In lieu of my postponed talk at the Eastham Public Library, I am happy to send you a Powerpoint presentation on "Living with the Five Elements; Discovering Balance Within and Without" if you let me know by email.


Creativity and healing are what bring me my purpose in living.  My desire to transform limitations in myself, others' lives, and life on this planet, has motivated me through two simultaneous careers - art and healing.  Studying art brought me to New York where I have worked for a broad and varied spectrum of artists and arts organizations, most influential of all being the noted Moroccan surrealist painter, Ahmed Yacoubi (who I have just completed a memoir about: My Years with Ahmed), along with the "Splashed Ink" painter Dr. Sing Foon Ma, who encourages my discipline and experiments with ink to this day.


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